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Its all about Balance

 Play hard, work hard and relax 

Bodywork that keeps you moving

Gracefully, comfortably and powerfully

Steamboat massage and facials

What massage therapist is right for you?


Steamboat Massage Group is a team of Licensed & insured professional  Massage Therapists

 We all have  a little different styles of massage or body work.  Like the saying goes different strokes for different folks literally.   Every massage is different but we all have the same goal to help you feeling better.     


Leah started giving facials in 2013.  It was her obsession with anti-aging that landed her in training  to become an  Esthetician.  While giving facials Leah found her talent to put people in that zen zone, this newly developed  talent drove her back to school but this time for Massage Therapy.  Need to zone out?  Leah is your gal.


Cups and stones won't break your bones but Buffy will definitely work you.  She has quite the following: Manic people found their gal she does not mess around, Buffy gets right to business.   If you have been searching for a Massage Therapist that can give deep pressure, look no further.

Ericka The One who started the Group


Hi am Ericka Strodtman, Massage is my thing.  I love it, probable because  I have the best clients.  Most of them are interested in improving their situation through massage, strength training, stretching and last but not lest,  stress relief. Helping people work towards the best versions of them self brings joy into my world.   I like to take new classes and learn new technique, my goal is one new class a year.  I graduated in 2006 from The Academy of Natural Therapy.  Between then and now  I've gathered some helpful tricks, not only with classes but working for some amazing spas and a great chiropractor. These experiences have influenced my unique style of bodywork and massage. 

The main group

  I love it and I have the best clients.  However in this profession working for yourself & by yours

Buffy and Leah joined Steamboat Massage Group in 20017 & 2018.  This new arrangement has worked out nicely.  We now welcome larger groups.   We Have 4 treatment rooms and more helper when needed.       

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